Memorial Day

First post in five months. In my defense, I’ve been a busy man. Just returned from an  extended road trip. After 14 states and 4800 miles in 29 (mostly) fun-filled days, I feel like a combination of Hernando de Soto, Wrong Way Corrigan and Waterman Ormsby, but I have seen the elephant, as the old saying goes, and I am here to testify. Highlights of the trip? A full moon over a lake in eastern Arkansas, dolphins sporting just beyond the surf line and a baby shark landed by a fisherman on the Gulf Coast beach, an airboat tour of the northern fringe of the Everglades, a walk around Epcot Center, assorted snakes and turtles, a rumored raccoon and an up close encounter with a small herd of buffalo.

All this while learning how to travel with and live in a 23-foot trailer. Life, as they say, is a learning experience, and I’m an older but wiser man today. I know I can do it better next time but not sure how soon I’ll be ready to try it again.

Tonight I’m marking the holiday watching war movies. Last night’s feature was Boys of Company “C” a 1978  flick that was perhaps the earliest anti-war Vietnam flick, later overshadowed by Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now.

Tonight it’s Horse Soldiers, a Civil War epic directed by John Ford, with John Wayne and William Holden bringing the Jubilo to 1863 Mississippi. Made in 1959, but in its way as anti-war a film as anything since.


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