Silver City

Just back from four-day trip to Silver City, Red Rock and the Burro Mountains, with a stop at Fort Bayard. High winds and a dust storm, heat and heavy rain, all that makes NM camping memorable. The Red Rock Wildlife Refuge was a wasted trip, no desert bighorns available for viewing while I was there, and I had no luck in my primary mission, which was to check WNMU library for circa 1880 local papers.

But I did have the great good fortune to meet Andrea Jaquez, co-author of The Fort Bayard Story, Far more than just the history of the military post, her book is an invaluable resource for the Apache Wars in NM. I was kicking myself for not having discovered the title before this, until I checked on Amazon and Alibris and discovered it’s both  rare and expensive.  Since I just laid out $60 for Kühn’s Chronicles of War from Arizona Historical Society and another $40 for two more books I picked up in a great little bookstore in Silver City, I’ll have to put off purchasing The Fort Bayard Story for a bit.

I’m accumulating an intimidating backlog of reading on the Nana Project, not to mention my other pursuits. I’m still digesting Hutton’s new Apache Wars and working on Aleshire’s bio of Victorio’s sister Lozen and a bio of Chief Loco. Now I’ve added the two books brought back from Silver City. I never expected the course load would be so heavy when I signed up for this class!


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