Sweetwater Spring

Today in 1881 Guifoyle and Bennett, led by Chihuahua and his scouts, finally caught up to Nana “in a canyon at the north end of the San Andres.” The canyon is unspecified, but I suspect it was Sweetwater Spring, a favorite Apache campground at the base of Salinas Peak, the Chihenne sacred mountain.

If you take the twice-annual tour to Trinity Site, where the first A-bomb was tested July 16, 1945, you can glimpse the San Andres in the distance, although my map work wasn’t good enough to determine which if any of the peaks visible was Salinas. The mountains have been off limits to any but “authorized personnel” for the past 70 years. Closest I was able to approach was on the Carrizozo Land Partnership off-road trails, which I hope to try again someday.


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