Out of luck update

According to the Journal, on Saturday hikers discovered all that’s mortal of 59-year-old Stephen “Otter” Olshansky, reported missing in November,  in “a facility” at Lower Lagunitas Campground east of Chama. I’m guessing the “facility” was a FS pit toilet; not the place I’d pick to shuffle off my mortal coil, but as Stewart Brand (or somebody; I haven’t been able to track down the exact quote) said, “Few of us are given the opportunity to depart this life with grace and style, and most of those blow it.”

If it sounds as though I’m making light of the man’s passing, I’m not.  But there are worse ways to go than hypothermia, and far worse places to meet your maker than high in the mountains. It’s yet another reminder that hiking and camping alone is dangerous business.


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