javelinas & etc.

I’m once again miles behind in updating TrackingNana and posting relevant mat’l. In my defense, I had to write a piece last week for NM News Svc    Worse, I underwent some extensive dental work, and I don’t bounce back as I once did. When I was younger it wasn’t unusual to dash off 600 words before lunch, adjourn to the local cantina and return to pound out another 1,000 words by deadline. No more, I’m afraid. The greatest challenge of aging is in recognizing  your growing physical (and mental) limitations.

While I gather my failing strength, there’s news to note from Arizona, where a woman was attacked by javelinas. Years  ago I talked to a man in SW NM who hunted the little  peccaries with a .44 mag revolver. He told me they were hard to kill, but I had no idea they were dangerous to people. So I’ll have to add them to my list of the risks of exploring the back country: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Rattlers and wolves and skunks and field mice (remember Hantavirus?) Oh, No!


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