Datil Well

Just back from a three-day excursion into what I think of as Nana’s Country. Lot to digest in that, but one quick note I want to share on Datil Well. My old piece in the Warpath lists it as one of my favorite campgrounds in NM. Based on my latest visit, I have to retract that recommendation. Once a pleasant and little-visited getaway, it’s become a dump, and I wound up boondocking in the NF rather than spend a night there.  On the plus side, the Joe Skeen CG up near Grants has been really turned around by the BLM after a couple of years when it was sliding into becoming a homeless squat/colonia, so I can unhesitatingly recommend that as an overnight stop. Also, for travelers in that part of the country, there’s a decent free CG in Pie Town if you find yourself benighted.

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