A Caution to Pilgrims

Tracking Nana was originally conceived as a combination popular history of Nana’s Raid and a hiking/camping guide to New Mexico locales associated with that event. Because readers of first drafts found the inteweaving of the two strands confusing, I decided to confine the book to the historical narrative, reserving the travel material to the “warpath” section of this website. I may add the hiking and camping guide as an appendix in a subsequent edition (if any) of the book, but in the interim anyone interested in following Nana’s path on the ground can refer to those pages of the website. I do feel the need to attach one important caveat to this invitation, however: all this material was gathered several years ago, and your experience may vary. Roads smoothly graded when I last passed over them may be all but impassable today; campgrounds that were empty then are now crowded with RVs; where there was once no more than a cattleguard crossing the road, some rancher may have added a padlocked gate. Proceed at your own risk (and embrace the adventure).

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