Hopewell Lake

The pic in my previous post was not (as some might have assumed) the Big Rock Candy Mountain. (I’m still looking for that.) The photo of our truck ‘n trailer was snapped at Hopewell Lake,  up in the Rio Arriba country east of Tierra Amarilla. The lake itself is a postage-stamp size fishing hole, but it’s a comfortable campground about 9,000’ high in the Tusas Mountains. Views coming down the east slope on US64 are impressive.

Friends have been asking about our travels over the last few months, and rather than repeat the story again and again until I’m tired of hearing it myself, I’m posting my notes from our trip to Mt. Rushmore. No Apaches, but if Nana had ever met Crazy Horse, they would have been brothers: “It’s a good day to die!”

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