Chapter 5

I’ve reposted Chapter 5 , although I have  certain reservations. Bob Roland is certain Capt. Parker’s fight took place in Cienega Canyon, and I respect his opinion. But that canyon is north of Alamocita Creek and it seems to me Parker and his men were patrolling the Rio Salado and so must have cut the hostiles’ trail somewhere along there and followed the war party south.  Plus there’s the proximity  of “Monument Hill” and “Canyon de los Negros” adjacent to Carrizozo Canyon. Hard to explain those names unless they’re a reference to the buffalo soldiers’ clash with Nana. Finally, there’s the fact that Cienega Canyon is now Navajo land and posted against trespassing, while Carrizozo Canyon is public land and accessible (with some difficulty) to those seeking to retrace Nana’s Raid.

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