Broncos in the Sierra Madre

Just finished reading Douglas Meed’s They Never Surrendered: Bronco Apaches of the Sierra Madre, 1890-1935. Tracks the long and ultimately futile efforts of a Mexican rancher to recover his kidnapped little boy and revenge himself on the Apaches who killed his wife in 1927. At one point the story veers from tragedy to farce when the Douglas, Arizona, Chamber of Commerce seizes on the search to promote a foray into the Sierras as one last Apache hunt. The scheme was intended to draw tourists and bring new business to Douglas (the Tucson Ring would have been proud to see their unscrupulous tradition continued). The last of these feral Apaches were apparently killed off by the Mexicans in the 1930s, although I have read elsewhere that some Chiricahua (I’m not sure whether from Mescalero or Fort Sill) attempted to contact their lost relatives in the Sierra Madre as late as the 1980s.

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