Delays & Distractions

Seems like a long time since my last post. I don’t know how people manage to update their blogs every day, often with cogent, on-topic and readable prose. I’ve been writing again for NM News Svcs, latest was in Carlsbad Current Argus, and I’m working on another piece right now about the border. I’m reading  God’s Middle Finger , a great book about the Sierra Madre that reminds me of Hunter Thompson and P.J. O’Rourke rolled together and makes me want to get down that way again. I’d like to see Doubtful Canyon and the site of the McComas ambush, and maybe try to trace out some of the old Apache trails if I can get down into the Bootheel. I am also recently returned from a short trip to southern Colorado, educating myself about the Gold King Mine spill. It’s a shame the nat’l media has walked away from that story, compared to the often near-hysterical saturation they have given similar enviro-accidents in the past. Couldn’t be ’cause the story shows the EPA in a very unflattering light and raises questions not just about that agency’s competence but its broader agenda?


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