It’s been a hectic couple of months. Traveling along the border and into Mexico in September, followed by a number of distracting technical and physical challenges. As a result I’m well behind on a number of fronts. I’ve been fooling with my notes from my Mexican trip, but have finally decided to post chihuahua-9-16 as is (this is Field Notes, after all) so I can move on to other things.

In summary I would say the trip was well worthwhile even if we failed to reach our intended destination. Walking the ground at Tres Castillos was never really central to my goal. I wanted to learn more about the people and terrain of northern Mexico, and I have a clearer sense now of where Janos is, and CasasGrandes, and the city of Chihuahua. More important, I got a glimpse into the Apache Wars from the Mexican point of view.

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